Pilates and Personal Training that care

I don’t always live inside the lines and I certainly don’t expect you to. Having taught in locations around the world as well as in my successful studio, I know that you are an individual and your training must reflect that.

Let’s see what fits your life and find your happy place.


Available to lead sessions in resorts worldwide


Classes and one-to-one

I run classes and provide bespoke one to one sessions in Ibiza. For the absolute best and my undivided attention, we need to spend an hour or so together to help me understand your lifestyle, goals and individual needs (no charge for this meet) so that I can create the best possible sessions for you.

Reasons people come to me include weight loss, back pain, strength training, injury prevention, flexibility, rehabilitation, “me time”.

Corporate Sessions & Events

Myself and my experienced team provide workplace Pilates and Yoga sessions across the north of England. That service is also now available in Ibiza.

In addition to this we present at company health & wellness events to help educate on the importance of workplace wellness and combating the physical and mental effects of spending hours at a desk.

Personalised Videos

Can’t get to me or my team?  Let’s get together over Skype to ascertain your personal needs and goals and I will create a 45 – 60 minute video that’s just for you.  I will also create upgraded videos as you improve as often as you need.

10 Day ‘Improve How You Move’ video package

For 10 consecutive days I will give you access to a different 20 – 30 minute video that will quickly help you get more mobility and flexibility and educate you on how to move more effectively and minimise aches and pains.


Contact me on Skype

The Pilates Rebel Retreat

The Pilates Rebel Retreats are about finding fun in movement

They are centred around enjoyment and choice.  They will include two Pilates classes per day, accommodation, fabulous food (you will not be expected to live on nuts and seeds only!), extra activities such as picturesque hikes, stand up paddle boarding and outings to local beauty spots.

If you’re looking for a bootcamp with strict detox rules this is not for you, wine will be allowed! Keep an eye out for our next dates.

Contact and Bookings

Talk to me, I’m happy to help.

Call +44 (0) 7968 073337, e-mail me or complete the short form and I will respond promptly.